Gutter Guards

Want to extend the life of your roof and gutters?

Gutter Guards stop overflowing and clogging gutters

Keeping gutters and downspouts clean improves their efficiency and helps them remain their usefulness for more years. Many gutter and downspout cleaning companies also offer installation, maintenance, and repair services, but residential and commercial property owners should consult the companies in their area to help them determine which ones will work best for them. When rain spouts and gutters get clogged, they often overflow, which can cause structural damage to the house. When clogging occurs over a long period of time, then excessive moisture enters the gutter guardfoundation. Using high pressure washing systems makes it possible for cleaners to remove leaves that can clog the drains. Removing leaves and other waste not only helps the building’s foundation last longer, but can also protect windows and roofing systems from leaks that can cause further damage. Not all of the cleaning crews have installation experience. In fact, some of them do not have the proper tools to affix the aluminum gutters and guards to roof edges. They know how to remove leaves and other wastes, but that does not necessarily mean that they know how to install new systems that will protect buildings from the rain. Many of the companies, however, know how to provide basic maintenance services. They can repair damaged screens, repaint chipped guards, and realign broken gutters to provide rain with a straight, unobstructed path. You can get more information about the different cleaning companies that work in your area by searching the internet for community forums where people in your neighborhood discuss the services that they have gotten.


Better Value Gutter Cover

Gutter Debris Leaf Guards Screens Covers

Protect your home and gutters with our Black Powder Coated or Better Value gutter screens. Dramatically reduces debris from clogging gutters, downspouts, and cuts home maintenance gutter covercost for annual gutter cleaning. Our gutter screens can be installed in 5″ inch and 6″ inch aluminum gutters and our specialty gutters such as copper. Potentially save thousands reducing risk for structural damage and gutter cleaning maintenance. For more information call us today.


Champion Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard Screen Mesh

Champion Gutter Guard was designed through a collaboration between engineers and gutter installation experts. The result is a product our dealers love to install and homeowners who are highly satisfied with its performance. Stainless Steel Mesh gutter guards have been thoroughly tested in the field for over ten years. The holes in the micro-mesh are small enough to keep out ALL debris including things as small as sand and shingle granules yet large enough to allow unrestricted water flow without any overshooting of the gutter. In addition, pollen and other airborne organic material pass through the mesh and wash down the gutter. It will also prevent insects and other pests from entering the gutter system. gutter guard mesh

* Made from surgical grade Stainless Steel Mesh and a strong, one piece aluminum body.

* Optimal size holes

* Installs permanently to the gutter and fascia board increasing the overall strength of the gutter system.

* Installs at a slight forward slope to augment the shedding of debris.

* Little to no maintenance required.

* Cost Effective.

Waterloov Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard Hood

Rain water flowing from the roof carrying debris flows onto the top of the gutter protector which
is angled to drain the water to the front of the panel where both the water and debris adheres to
the surface of the gutter cover and flows down the front vertical surface of the protector.
In cases where roof rafters are in excess of 35′ a high capacity panel which has a larger radius
bend than the standard panel is used. A physical attribute called, “surface tension” causes it to
adhere to the curved surface. However, the ability of water to do this is a function of the radius bend. For instance, the end of a standard board that you buy is a very tight radius and water will simply flow off into space. This is why some products overshoot — the radius bend is too tight.
Waterloov is the only product available in standard and high capacity panels to accommodate large volumes of water flow.waterloov Most gutter covers (to this point work very much the same).The difference is in the collectors. Where most other gutter hoods or tops contain one longitudinal fin, Waterloov® has two rows of interspersed louvers. We call them discriminating louvers. The one long fin (louver that you find on other gutter hoods)can let in entire leafs that may be 8?or larger in width whereas the width of the Waterloov opening is only 3/4? thus discriminating the size that it allows into the gutter. Any water that doesn’t get caught by the first row of louvers flows down the bridge between the first row of louvers to the second row of louvers which are positioned directly under the bridge to collect the remaining water.Debris larger than 3/4? in width can’t get through the openings. In fact for something 3/4? width to get in, it has to hit the louver exactly at the right position which means that of the small amounts of debris that gets into the gutter, it is usually no larger than 1/2? in width.

How gutter screens work

gutter screens